Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Yes, I know you are bored of that title, but apparently Miss Patty doesn't know that. Two days after the last post stating I thought she was done with eggs, she laid another one, and yesterday she decided to lay one in the food dish of their playgym, while they were watching tv with me in the evening. She is laying them just fine, and that is wonderful!, but I wonder how long her body can hold this up. She is fairly old, I believe, and she does have many health problems. I am not sure what else I can do to encourage her to stop, since she doesn't care to sit on the eggs, and her diet/environment is already not conducive for egg laying. Lupron is the only other thing I know, but her egg laying is not bad enough for that, and I hope it doesn't get bad enough!

On a funny end note, I know you all having been worrying about this, my camera is still acting up. Obviously, as is evident by the photos in a few recent posts, it does allow me to put new photos on the computer. However, it still is refusing to upload the pictures I took before, that are new photos, whatever the fancy pop-up sign says!


Mary said...

Sorry to hear this! As I've said before, egg-laying is one of my biggest concerns with my parrots (luckily it has not yet been an issue but 3 of mine are females) so I just wanted to let you know you guys have been in my thoughts.

Meg said...

Thanks! It is definitely a concern with females, hopefully you will not have much trouble with it!