Saturday, February 28, 2009

Update on budgie diet

Well, Luna is as stubborn as ever, and has refused to try anything new, even cooked seed. However, Oscar seems to be coming around! He ate all the cooked seed, and has since then conceded to gobble up red rice (which happened to be what I had) and cooked grains, and has even eaten little tastes of the birdie bread and vegetables/fruits! He refuses to eat more than a few bites of the birdie bread or veggies/fruits, so he is not really converted, but from my position just outside the room, I have definitely seen him come up from the food dish, munching, with some hanging from his beak. So that brings Oscar's list of "edibles" to:
-'parakeet' seed mix
-sprouted 'parakeet' seed mix
-cooked seed
-cooked grains
-bits of birdie bread and bits of veggies/fruits

A nice list!

On top of that, Oscar is getting to be very playful. For the longest time, he would only sit on his perch, looking bored, but he has finally started playing and chewing on everything! Luna is also getting a bit more playful, though he prefers bouncing around the cage yelling to sitting and chewing on something. As long as they are both enjoying themselves!

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