Monday, February 9, 2009

History of a Pinata + Yaz

Just a note to anyone that is considering a parrot as a possible companion - when you read "toys are meant to be destroyed", "you will spend a lot of money monthly on toys", "birds live to chew, it often seems" or anything else along those lines, don't discount it. It is absolutely true!

Below is a picture narrative on what happens to toys in the beaks of parrots. Keep in mind that this pinata was destroyed by a parrot less than 1/3 its size, a Nanday Conure.

Lovely $16 pinata, before being placed in Yaz's cage
(though he had chewed a bit on it when he found it in the toy hammock)

Poor pinata remains after just 3 days of Yaz's beak.

Poor pinata remains made into an entirely new toy!
Even with blocks of wood it will not last very long with Yaz.

The party guilty of above destruction, trying to hide
behind yet another destroyed pinata.

I did manage to catch him mid-dance, as he was playing
with the stick.

However, he stopped upon noticing the camera,
and ran behind the pinata remains,
though not before giving me an irritated stare!


Mary said...

I love how you captured the stages of toy destruction! One thing that irritates me when dealing with people surrendering their parrots at the rescue is their declaration that "we stopped giving him toys because he just destroyed them." That's the point!

Anonymous said...

Yaz is so beautiful! The green and black with the little red stockings-- omg, so cute! And what a rascal.

Meg said...

Mary- Yep, toys are definitely meant to be destroyed! It is so sad to see parrots without toys or perches, like the ones you see. And then they start destroying their feathers, as Yaz did before we got him. Unfortunately, he did just as good a job on those as he does on his toys. Many of grown back, on his legs, wing, and back, but his chest does not seem to grow feathers.

Susie- Thank you! Yaz is adorable, I guess you can see why he is named after a Red Socks player?

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