Friday, November 7, 2008

Yaz, Nanday Conure

And Mister Yaz Man, the last addition to this feathered family. He is such a sweet little conure, with relatively few behavior problems, other than the very obvious plucking issue. He also has learned to yell for attention, but that is slowly getting much better.

Yaz came from a lady where he was the only bird. He had lived with them for many years, and was always out with them, getting attention. Until they brought home a dog and cat, that is. After that, Yaz was put on the back burner. He slowly got less and less attention, and spent more and more time in his tiny cage, with little to do. He is terrified of cats, so I can only assume the cat in that household hunted him. After ten years of Yaz living there, and after Yaz had plucked all the feathers on his chest down past his vent and his legs, as well as all of those under his wings, and many on the top of his wings and around his neck, they decided to rehome him. After I saw how unhappy he looked, very quiet and subdued, he just had to come home to live with us.

He has always been very tame, after given a couple of weeks to get to know us. He is very sweet, and his plucking is getting much better. He plucks very little now, so we are simply waiting to see which feathers will grow in. He loves playing and dancing. In fact, one of his favorite things to do is to dance around with you, turning and waving, while making snapping noises. He has also learned to accept our other birds, though he is still definitely a people bonded bird. Really, I don't think I will ever regret bringing him home.

The Yaz Man, enjoying some window watching.

Getting a little closer to the window, gotta
keep an eye one everything out there.

Yaz, making sure my fingers are very clean.


DoodleBird said...

I'm so happy he is with you now, and that his plucking is getting better. Nanday conures are so beautiful! I'm partial for black head feathers I guess lol.

Meg said...

Black head feathers do give such distinction, like a nice black cap! If only he could get his blue tummy, now....

Best in Flock parrot blog said...

What a sweetie! We've added A Parrot for Keeps to our blogroll. Thanks for helping to educate parrot owners about all the work it takes to properly care for these amazing creatures.