Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Yaz and his new bell toy

I like to redecorate the birds' cages totally at each big cleaning, for the different seasons, or in this case, holidays. Yaz loves his bells, so his Christmas bell toy is just simply three bells on chains (stainless steel), with some green plastic chain. This really simple toy, I have found out, is far more popular with him than his other (bought) bell toys. Yesterday, I came upstairs running, fearing he was caught on something, because of all the flapping and yelling. Upon entering the bird room, I find Yaz hanging upside down from the toy, fluffed beyond recognition, with his wings out, flapping, swinging all around. I have never seen him play this hard with anything! There were feathers all over, of all sizes (he is molting). He got back on the on the perch when I came in, danced a little, and then climbed back up on his bell toy and started flapping. Next step - try to get a video, which will always be easier said than done.

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Mary said...

What fun when you catch them really enjoying a toy! And conures really know how to play!!!