Tuesday, November 25, 2008

A bit much Drama

Poor Ava. She has developed a limpoma on the underside of her right wing. I know limpomas are pretty common with budgies, and at least it is a limpoma and not something more malicious. Ava's limpoma seems to be growing rather fast, but I will change her diet, removing all seed except some which is sprouted, (she already eat mostly fresh food) and hope that helps slow it down. And then she will have to get it removed if it starts bothering her too much, so no one is looking forward to that.

From what little I know, I would say my budgies are not that old at 5+, but then this is not a good fall for them at all, poor little guys.


Mary said...

Sorry to hear about Ava :( She's lucky to have such a caring owner.

Unfortunately, due to bad breeding and bad early-life care, these little guys aren't living as long as they should.

Meg said...

I know, potential lifespans for many parrots, even the larger ones, are meaning less and less with all we do to them. One of my soap boxes, actually, but I won't go there now!