Thursday, November 20, 2008

More Budgies!

Yes, more fosters. I got these budgies a little over a month ago. They have a sad, but all to typical for budgies, history.

Oscar, the yellow and green pied one, was found in a dumpster. The people decided to take him home for their kids, and so bought a cage, and another budgie, Luna, the pale blue/grey one. After having them a bit, they got tired of them, and gave them to the grandparents. The grandparents thought they were too loud, and so put them in the garage. A neighbor, that had an amazon, saw them in there, and asked if she could take them. As the neighbor did not want them, I was called. I did ask a friend to keep them through quarantine, and after that, I took them.

Oscar had toe nails so long there were curling up on his toes, and constantly getting caught everywhere. Neither one could fly very well, so I clipped their wings as well, for their own safety. I find it easier to teach a bird to fly after they are tame. Oscar also had a open band, (that I am trying to trace) so I removed that to prevent it from getting caught on something.

Luna is not tame at all, as is typical of many petstore budgies. After being chased around, transported all over the country, chased more, and finally sold to be abused, taming them is not easy, but certainly possible with time and patience. Luna does have the most beautiful feathers, though. They just look so soft, and they are such a delicate, shifting, grey-blue.

Oscar, I believe, though, was a very tame, people bonded bird at one time. For one thing, he had a band, so that would imply a smaller breeder. For another, he is very interested in people, though rather afraid of them, and does not like being with Luna. I have not had him around my other birds, so I can not say if it is only Luna, or if he is not overly interested in any other birds. He is quickly coming around, or as quickly as any abused, but once tame parrot, so I have a lot of hope for finding him a great home.

They are both Very loud. Much louder than even chatty Peter, because they never seem to get tired. It is very pretty, though, as long as you do not expect to hear yourself over it! I do worry abut finding a home for them with that, since it is very hard to convince someone that a tiny tiny budgie really can be loud. It all varies on perception, what the person considers to be annoying, and how much it will bother them. I guess I will just cross that bridge when I come to it. Maybe a video during evening chorus....

As they were not getting along (Oscar had a very bad scar on his wing, among regular arguments) I decided to separate them shortly after I got them. Oscar was much happier with this, the change in his demeanor was incredible. Luna seems perhaps a little lonely, so I am not sure what I can do about that, other than try to give him any attention he might like, and look for an aviary for him, perhaps.

As well as being loud, they are both very active, joyful, and playful, lots of fun to watch. Oscar just loves exploring everything, chewing and tapping all the different surfaces, textures, and colors. Luna loves hopping around and playing with every one's favorite bead boing, but really, his favorite activity is singing!

I want to find them both a home where they can get everything they need, nice large cages (I feel so sorry for them in the little spare ones I had), plenty of toys, healthy food, and for Luna, other birds, for Oscar, human attention. Who wouldn't want an adorable little budgie?

The two of them together, when they shared a cage.
Sorry the pic is not the best.

Luna, a little worried about the camera.

Oscar, on his "mini tree".


Mary said...

They are gorgeous! My budgie Daphne wants nothing to do with other budgies, either. I've old her she's a social creature, but she only cares about being with people.

It makes me sad to think of all of the unwanted budgies out there. The rescue I volunteer at has been taking in almost 100 a year for the past few years.

I'm so glad these guys found you and will end up in good homes!

Meg said...

You always hear how Cockatoos, or African Greys, are the most common rehomed bird, but I have always seen far more budgies, and often tiels, in any rescue I know of. I am not sure why they are not counted in that, but I have always wondered.

Sugar Selections said...

They're all so adorable. I had a blue parakeet named Horus who passed away about 6 months before I got my sugar gliders. I foolishly purchased her many years ago at a pet store and although she never became tame, I loved her. Someday I'd like to get another bird, but for now I'm busy with all my other animals.