Monday, June 8, 2009

Update on milly Molly Mandy

She really has done an amazing turn around! I told you before how surprised I was at how well she had done, and that I was going to go ahead and list her right away (which I did.) She has continued to progress greatly, though! She now steps up readily, even without a treat to bribe her. Along with that, she has come to love and beg for scritches and head rubs. Really quite a little lovebug! I thought at first this could be something she would only allow me to do, but after several visits and treat sharing with my Mom, she will now (quite blissfully) take scritches from her.

I am careful to make sure that I do not rub her back, under her wings, etc., anything that would stimulate her hormones. I am also careful to continue playing and other activities with her as another way to keep her from getting hormonal and dependent on scritches. Having a foster parrot that appreciates hands-on attention this much is great, it really helps get them as tame as possible, which means finding a home is much easier. I certainly don't want to do anything to aggravate the situation!

Enjoy the super cute photos!

Head rub bliss, eyes closed.

What happened? Why did you stop?
Waking up to reality is so hard.

You stopped giving me head rubs to take pictures.
Is that it?

What is the world coming to?
No more head rubs because she wants a photo.

Yay, scritches again!
(also titled, "I am taking your head!")

I love neck stretches.
(Also titled, "Replacing parrot's head")

Ohhh, relaxation!

And a final pic from a different day,
getting head rubs on top of the cage.
Isn't she cute?


Elizabeth said...

"I am taking your head" is such a great picture! I love it when you can see the excitement in their eyes.

karla reynolds said...

I am so jealous! Ringnecks were always my favorite but mine is so not tame!!

Meg said...

Elizabeth - She is one to watch, she is always getting excited about something!

Karla - I am pretty shocked myself she has tamed this well, it is not exactly common for them. Especially for ones that were not hand fed and have been rescued!