Monday, June 8, 2009


This summer and fall are going to involve a lot of changes for my parrots and myself in my quest to find safe housing for myself (I know those with MCS understand this, the rest, just bear with me.) Where I am living now is definitely not good for me. This summer, while organizing my permanent safe housing I am going to be living with a relative in another part of Virginia that will hopefully be much healthier for me. Fortunately, most of my family also loves parrots, including these relatives, so I will be able to take them with me. However, I have to decide which ones I should take, and which would be happier staying with my parents, as they already know them pretty well. The parrots I take with me will have to be in smaller travel cages, as taking their flight cages is not really an option, obviously. That, along with the trip and new environment I think will be rather stressful on some of them.

I know that I am taking Miss Ava, and that Peter and Luna are staying with my parents. This choice was obvious, because I have to keep them separate. It was also easy to decide which budgies would be going, and which staying, since Ava loves travel and people, and Peter hates any stress.

I also know that Claudia and Chester will be going. Claudia loves people, as well as change and new situations, so I know she would enjoy it. Chester is extremely fearful of new situations and people, but he is so very bonded to me, there is no way I could leave him anywhere.

Yo-yo and Miss Patty will also be going. I am a little worried about how Miss Patty will handle it, but she does not seem to be bothered by anything (I always joke about her been there, done that attitude.) Yo-yo I know will love it, more people to impress with his concertos!

The quakers I am still very 50/50 on. On the one hand, I would be able to move their aviary to my parents, so they could stay in their large cage and nest boxes, all of which is very important to them . On the other, I am the only person that can handle Frank, which is a very convincing argument for taking them! Lola is pretty good with changes, as long as I am there to reasure her it is fine, but Frank is another story. He does not like new people, new places, or anything else he is unsure of. In fact, the only new things he accepts readily are toys, and it took years to get him to that point with just one category of items. Still, he would be able to get out much more often, get more attention, and go outside in his carrier if I took him. I would also be able to continue his training, which he loves. So, after writing this, I have convinced myself I have to take them. I know Lola would love it, and while Frank would be very suspicious of it, I think he would prefer it to staying with my parents!

I am unsure as of now whether Linus will be going, but I think that is a no. I don't think he could handle another move now. Fortunately, I already have him quarantined at my parents, so he would not have to move at all. Still, I would certainly really miss him, and not being able to check on him myself. I know my parents are very good with birds, and love them, so he will still be taken very good care of.

Yaz I think might stay. He does not like changes, at all, and is rather adamant about that. He also loves my parents. Combine that with the fact that he and Chester have an on-going battle to kill each other....... and you decide that perhaps Yaz would prefer to stay here. I will really miss his jazz dancing and cheerful attitude, though.

Of the two foster birds, I am pretty sure Milly Molly Mandy will be going. I do not have anyone interested in her, and this way she will be able to meet more people. Plus, there might be someone in that part of Virginia that would be interested in adopting her. Oscar seems to have a home now (my shameless endorsement actually worked!) so he of course will not be going.

So, overall, it is a very difficult decision to make. While the relatives I am staying with love birds and are very good with them, it will still be very different than here. For one, I will have some space restraints. The parrots I take will have to stay in smaller travel cages. The ekkies will be moved down to a 36" by 24" cage, the tiels an 18" by 18" cage, etc. They will still have plenty of time outside their cages and outside the house, though. They will also have attention from new people, which is both a blessing and a curse, depending on which parrot you are talking about.

My parents also love birds, are good with them, and have no problem taking care of them. I will certainly be able to get to hear how those that stay are doing all the time, and get pics. In fact, I could probably even talk to them on the phone, which Yaz would very much enjoy. He loves talking on the phone to people!


Susie Collins said...

You have so much to worry about with this move! I know you'll sort it all out and your birds will be fine, goodness knows they are loved. I'm happy you are heading for safer place.

Mary said...

Sending you positive thoughts for your upcoming move.