Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Awww, Quakers are so cute

After a shower, Frank and Lola were having some later afternoon playtime on my bed. However much trouble those two are (ahem, Frank!) they certainly are sweet and so lovable. Along with being incredibly photogenic, of course.

Wet fluffiness.

A rare picture of Frank mid-preen.

A more usual picture of Frank preening,
as he is preening while posing perfectly for the camera.
Lola is in the back, doing a bit of a fluff and ruffle.

Finishing with a nice afternoon nap in the warm sun.

Lola playing on my stomach. She can be such a sweet bird;
she loves playing and sleeping on her back on my stomach,
or simply on the bed beside me.


karla said...

I LOVE our quaker. He is by far the most affectionate of the parrots. He was a hand fed baby and we got him at about 3 months old. He loves to snuggle and give kisses too.

Meg said...

Quakers are always adorable as babies. They often already talk, and they are always little fluff balls of love, just like little green cockatoos. Be careful, though, as most that I have heard of do change greatly when they mature, often becoming more one person parrots, and much more territorial. Not always, and if you are prepared for it, accept it, and know how to deal with it, it is not usually a problem.

Hopefully your quaker will stay as sweet as always!

Susie Collins said...

Oh, they are so cute! The one upside down is hilarious. Joyful creatures!

Mary said...

I love seeing the two of them together! I so wish my birds would pair up so they could live more natural lives instead of relying on the humans in the house for the interaction.