Tuesday, March 3, 2009

How are you today, Yaz?

As a follow up to the narrative on how quickly Yaz destroys pinatas (I removed another one today, or at least its pitiful remains) I have finally managed to get a video of him in action on his playtop, in the final stages of destruction.

It is easy to see how obsessed he is with pinatas. If your volume is up loud enough, you can hear his cute little squeaks and grunts. Another clue is how red the bare patches around his eyes get!

I was actually trying to get a video of him dancing and snapping, something he does almost non-stop. Despite that, I have very few good videos of it, as he usually stops when he sees the camera. He is not particularly camera shy, like some of my birds, so I am not sure why he won't dance or snap for the camera readily. Every time I tried to take a video today, as usual, he started doing something else. Here is a video to show you just what I mean:

I did finally manage to get a short one, showing some of his beat skills. Not the best, as he can really get into it, but at least it was something! And after trying so hard to get it, I was not about to leave it out!

1 comment:

DoodleBird said...

What a funny thing to do! And then at the end he just puts his head down lol.