Saturday, March 28, 2009

It's been a while!

Sorry for the long break in posts, I have been rather under the weather for several weeks, and due to that have not been on the computer. Actually, there has been a lot of weather to be under here lately, nothing but a solid month of heavy rain, or at least heavy clouds. That is a beside the point, though. The parrots have been very well behaved lately, which is not unusual. They are always much nicer when I am sick, something that proves what sweet friends they really can be!

I hope to have new posts up soon, right now I am just trying to catch up on everyone's blogs and all my emails!


Kibibi said...

I enjoyed reading your blog. I added it to my feed reader and look forward to reading your posts in the future. I also added a link to it on my links page InfoSuperFlyway Links

Mary said...

Glad you're feeling better :)