Monday, December 8, 2008

Bad Luck for Budgies

Ava seemed to start showing similar symptoms to Peter's last week. I immediately separated her out, and put her on some immune boosting things, as well as a high fiber (on the off chance this does turn out to be diabetes, I have wondered about that) easily digested diet, similar to what I did/am doing with Peter. I also called the vet, and since she also has the limpoma that may as well be removed as long as we are going in (as long as he deems her healthy enough), they made the appointment for tomorrow, as that is his surgery day.

I could perhaps be imagining that she is showing the early symptoms of whatever is bothering Peter. I am, after all, looking for any sign someone else has the same problem and that it is contagious. She is nowhere near as bad, and she does have a massive limpoma on her wing that could easily be the only thing that is bothering her. Still, it is much better safe than sorry.

Hopefully the vet visit will go well.

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Pamela said...

How are the budgies doing?