Friday, December 12, 2008

Ava, post Surgery

Sorry for not posting this earlier, but things got a bit busy this week!

Ava's surgery went fine. She got a full check-up and bloodwork before being put under anesthesia, and everything came back absolutely fine, so they went ahead with the surgery. I suppose this means that whatever is bothering Peter is most likely not contagious, as wouldn't she in the stress of this limpoma have gotten it, too? I suppose this means, also, that I really was just worrying too much when I thought she was showing signs of whatever is bothering Peter. Nothing like knowing your birds are ok to make you feel better!

Ava goes back in two weeks to get her stitches removed, earlier if there is any problem. I have not seen any sign of her picking at it, or her bleeding so far, so I think that is ok. The vet did not think her limpoma looked at all dangerous, just like a basic benign limpoma, really. However, he did say that since it grew so fast (just 1 month to grow to the size of my finger nail) that it could grow back. If that is the case, since you do not want to continue removing one limpoma after another, she would likely have to have her wing amputated. Not fun! I know birds can adjust to that fine, but I hope this was just a one time issue, and it resolves itself.

Ava is doing very well, eating playing, sleeping, and looking for attention. She is just such an enjoyable bird to be with!

You can barely see the line of bare feathers from the surgery. I am
not sure why they pulled out the ones on the top, as Ava had
already plucked the under part of her wing clean.

She is slightly messy in these pics,
apparently applesauce was made to be tossed!
That and her molt, of course, which always gives
my birds a slightly ratty appearance.


DoodleBird said...

That's wonderful news! I'm so glad she came out ok. She's a cutie!!!

Pamela said...

Good news! And yes: applesauce is made for tossing.