Wednesday, May 2, 2012


Ava passed away yesterday evening. Odd that she passed so close to Peter. I do not know quite how I feel about that; despite their divorce..... it somehow seems fitting. My two little budgie loves. The house seems strange without their cheerfulness.

I was with Ava after dinner, but when I came in later last night she was dead. She died on her perch. She had been as usual, happy, seemingly healthy, playing with her toys, chattering away, singing, talking, being her usual sweet demure diva self. Her dinner was one of my buffet style meals composed of her favorites- hard boiled egg, sunflower seeds, grain mix, and apple chunks, so I am happy for that. It was so shocking to find her, but thinking about it later, I am glad it was sudden, that is a better way to go than suffering like Peter.

I have no idea of her age. I know she is at least 8, quite likely several years older. She has been though a lot in her life. Left outside the animal control at night, I adopted her the next day. With me she has laid one clutch of eggs, which she diligently cared for, and was obviously extremely upset when none hatched, as they were not fertile; it took her a very long time to get over that. She has had a fast growing lymphoma removed form her wing, a bad concussion and beak injury, badly injured from being caught in a toy, and multiple attacks from other birds despite my attempts to prevent them. She has survived it all, and maintained her disposition and dignity throughout. She was truly an incredible bird, and I, all of us, will greatly miss her.


Elizabeth said...

I'm so sorry for your loss. She had a very full life with you and her last meal sounds amazing.

Best in Flock said...

So sorry to hear of your loss.

Meg said...

Thank you, she was a wonderful bird.