Sunday, February 5, 2012

So much to do!

So, January is over. Anyone make resolutions regarding their parrots? Or for that matter, perhaps you have a longstanding desire to make some change, or changes, with your parrots or their care. However, change is hard. You are here, and your destination................... is there. If you get on the internet, you are sure to find someone that is doing everything jis right. They have all the diet perfect, the toys, foraging, playgyms, just everything. Obviously, that is at the same time inspiring and disheartening. There is so. much. Argh!! You have to take it slow, and, in a way, ignore all that. And trust me, none of those people started out perfect, it has been a work in progress for them, as well, whatever they say!

Choose one little thing you know without and beyond any doubt you can do, and keep doing. Start there. Don't worry about how much is left to, what everyone else is doing, or anything else. Focus on your parrot or parrots, and recognize that any beneficial change is a beneficial change, and should be valued as such- it should not be discounted just because you think there is a lot more you could do. Your parrot will appreciate it, in fact, they may appreciate the slower pace more, since it gives them time to adjust! It takes time both to break old habits and to develop new ones, so you may have to push yourself a lot in the beginning, but it will become easier. Starting slow has the added benefit of giving you a more immediate reinforcement, as well as avoiding the dreaded guilt if you try too much and give up on all of it.

Think about what you could change, what spare time you have weekly, or where you could make some time. Think about what you need to create a new habit, there is no shame in pasting large reminders on your wall if that is what you need! If you do not, or cannot, buy a large amount of new supplies, don't worry about it. There are many, many things you can do with very little to no monetary investment. Many small, but significant, changes you can make that take very little time or effort.

So, what do you want to improve most? Training, behavior, foraging, diet, enrichment.....? Just want a better relationship with your birds? Everyone has something they can improve, and I know there are those that really want to re-do the entirety of their parrot care, from top to bottom. I understand the feeling of trying to do so much, it feels like starting over for me now, finally able to do what I have not for so long, so I am certainly practicing what I preach. Select what you think is most important to change, find one thing you think you can do, and go for it!

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