Friday, January 27, 2012

Valentine's Day contest for African Grey girls!

I have talked about Oliver's Garden Bird Toys before, a parrot toy store run by a friend of mine, Susan. Anyone who has looked through Susan's website knows that she is not only very creative (her toys are all handmade and quite original!) but also has an incredible sense of what parrots like. Anyone that has talked to Susan also knows how much fun she is! So naturally, owing to the former knowledge, any contest she holds with her toys as prizes is something I am very interested in. And owing to the latter knowledge, I know that any contest she holds will be unlike any other. So it is with the contest she is currently holding on her Facebook fan page, (you can also enter via the email on her website) in which she, or rather Oliver, her African Grey, is looking for his true love by making his own little black book. Any and all female greys, Congo or timneh, are welcome to enter with their picture, location, and a brief write-up about themselves. As the prize, Susan is making a dowry for Oliver's choice- a drawing will take place on Valentines Day, and the dowry already includes a platform perch, a new toy called Dinner 4-2, and a rescue rope, and Susan has said if she gets more entrants she will add more to the dowry. However, Oliver is looking for 50 girls for his book, and so far he only has 32! Anyone out there with a lonely grey girl to introduce? I know Oliver (and Susan!) would love to hear from you!

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