Monday, February 28, 2011

First Attempt at Eating Pics

Spring toys! So pretty. I don't often have dyed wood.
The beads were sent dyed by mistake and the slats were a free gift.
As you can see, I utilize pieces from old toys often; the bases of the smaller toys are pre-chewed.

As per my discovery in a previous post of my addiction to bird bath pics, I am working on taking a wider variety of pic types to break from my previous affinity. To start, here is a quick sampling of (not great quality) eating pics.

Chester and Claudia, practicing to be Hanging Parrots for Halloween.
Yes, they start practicing early, just in case they miscalculated the number
of days left to go.

Chester and Claudia enjoying a more sedentary form
of foraging in one of their toy buckets.

Frank, enjoying a very rare bit of fruit, a cherry.
He gets sugar highs quickly,
so anything with a lot of sugar is quite limited for him.

Ava and Yo-yo enjoying a piece of millet.
And just so you appreciate my sacrifices to capture these
mediocre photos, I had to stand on a chair to get this one,
even with my natural height. It turns out when you hold
a camera above your head in what you are nearly positive
is the right direction... it usually isn't.

Yo-yo, enjoying some mash.
He is so good at sharing, notice how he has
so graciously allowed the wall, the cage, and,
un-pictured, me to enjoy some of his food with him.

Yummy goji berry, Yo-yo loves them.

I sometimes feel I am doing New Orleans a disservice
by keeping Yo-yo from them-
just imagine how his fling would help the Mardi Gras parade!


Elizabeth said...

My two youngest cockatiels love the popsicle stick toy. I just bought Trevor a toy that looks like an easier version of your block toy. It's cardboard pieces separated by wooden blocks. I hope he likes it!

Meg said...

Popsicle sticks are very popular here! I make a similar toy to the one you bought with unbleached corrugated paperboard- it comes in many of my food boxes! They love it.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful pics - love bird toys too as well as bird baths! Seems like for my bird the more colouful and the more noisy the toy is the more she loves it! :)