Monday, November 1, 2010

Hope you all had a Happy Halloween!

We certainly did. As you can see, I carved my pumpkin as a ghostly attack parrot!

As it was a very nice day, some of the parrots also came outside with me, and although they weren't interested in eating much with all to see outside, Claudia couldn't resist some raw pumpkin. I always save the "innards" from my pumpkin carving. The seeds I toast for both me and the birds to enjoy, and I used some of the pumpkin scrapings and seed membrane to make a lovely pudding bread, which was extremely tasty, and shared (and approved) by all. The rest of the pumpkin I am drying for later use.

I rinse the seeds and try to pull of any remaining bits of the pumpkin membrane. I then dry them well, mix them with a teensy bit (1/2 teaspoon or less) of olive oil. I don't add any salt until after they have toasted and I have separated out the birds portion.

The pudding bread I made by mixing some of the pumpkin with sundry other items, such as applesauce, 100% fruit jam (apricot), freeze dried pineapple, and rice and coconut flour.I topped it with some sunflowers seeds, as you can see, as much for me as for the birds. I think it turned out quite well! I just love anything made with winter squash.


Mary said...

Claudia is as gorgeous as ever. I love how the sunlight hits on her feathers!

Natacha said...

It's great that you share the seeds..that one think I like to keep to myself ;)