Friday, July 31, 2009

A Review

After the post about toys and their impact, I thought I would do a review on Planet Pleasure toys, the repeated winner in my weekly "Destroy Your Favorite Toy!" contest.

Planet Pleasure toys are a fair trade product (I would post a link to their website to learn more about the incredible program they are running, but it is currently being revamped), and are made from 100% renewable and safe resources. Instead of capturing birds to sell, why not just make incredible parrot toys?

As some might remember, Yaz is a big fan of Planet Pleasure toys, and the repeated winner of "Destroy Your Favorite Toy the Fastest!" contest. However, he is certainly not the only one that can take down a pinata; Frank is the original pinata nemesis, though he worked with the medium size, instead of extra large. Yo-yo and Miss Patty can also give any size pinata and run for its money (even beating Frank some now!) a quality they share with the budgies. Pinatas are not the only type of Planet Pleasure toy loved around here, though. Along with all their other shredder toys (if you haven't all ready, check out their new designs!), the bamboo and coconut ones are also greatly appreciated, and have a longer cage life. And for those of you with larger parrots, the mini size toys make incredible foot toys for them!

Here are each of my parrot's current favorites:
-Ava (both chewing and preening)
-Peter (he loves to climb around and hang from it)
-Yo-yo (soft wood, crunchy shells, lots of fun)
-Miss Patty
-Frank (lots of pieces to pull out and weave with!)
-Claudia (ever seen an ekkie sit in complete bliss? She sits with one piece in her mouth, eyes half shut, and chewing slowly. Similar to a cow chewing their cud, actually.)
-Yaz (Just can't beat the original!)

I was also recently given a wonderful gift by a friend, in the form of several planet pleasure toys. Here are some pics, pre-destruction (the post destruction ones seemed a bit worthless, so just picture a blank wall)


Elizabeth said...

Did you have to do anything special to make Yo-yo and Miss Patty like the pinata? Conner has had one for a year now and he is so unimpressed.

Your description of Claudia chewing with bliss is exactly what Conner does when he's destroying a paper box.

Meg said...

Only the same as other toys, I had to get them in the right spot in the cage, and it certainly took practice to figure out what those spots were!

Miss Patty is just a chewer, without her, I had to start with simpler, thinner, shredders, and work up to pinatas.