Sunday, May 3, 2009

Featured Craigslist find

Craigslist is worth checking regularly. This was proven yet again to me recently. I have been looking for a larger cage for the quakers, as their current one is 32" by 21". In this miraculous find, I managed to get two larger cages, and on top of that, though homemade, they are of all stainless steel wire!

The rundown:
-2 30" by 30" stainless steel cages, with feeder doors
-large (i.e, 7 1/2" across, and perfect for Frank to bathe and toss food in) ceramic dishes to fit in the feeder doors
-several short, one side screw on, wood perches, of various woods
-2 swings
-several toys
-one massive super long ladder
-several manu mud chew blocks
-several ruffed up plastic perches (but I am not using those)

Cost: $94

Not bad, huh?!!

Factoring in the height of these new cages, they have over twice the interior space of the quakers old cage! Needless to say, Frank is very, very pleased (with himself, as he is sure that it was all his doing) Lola is also extremely happy (with the cage, actually) since it gives her even more room to throw her toys around. Plus, I can open up one of the sides of both cages, and put them together to form a cage that is 90" by 30"! That would really be verging on a small aviary, something the quakers would love even more.

It turns out the lady that had these cages used to be a small breeder. Her daughter had lost her job, and had to move back in, along with her children, so they had to rehome the birds to make room. Needless to say, she was very upset about it. She had many other cages, and walk in aviaries, but these were the last two cages she had left. She has already rehomed all of her birds separately, which I am sure was a task, as she was very picky about to whom they went. Unfortunately, there was not much else to do, as the bird rooms had to be turned into bedrooms. She really was extremely nice, though, and it is always nice to hear (I had to have someone else pick up the cages, of course) of other parrot lovers.

Frank feels no sympathy, though.

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