Thursday, April 23, 2009

How to eat a dried palm nut in a few easy steps

Claudia loves palm nuts. I am able to find them occasionally in the dried form, which consists of the fruit (which is the part she eats) around the actual nut (which she does not eat.) As they are high in fat, she does not get them too often, something that makes her love them even more. When enjoying one recently, she graciously agreed to demonstrate the proper way to eat a dried palm nut.

First, secure the palm nut and prepare yourself for the goodness.

You should start out being gentle with the palm nut,
shaving off little bits here and there.

Perhaps turn your head to try and get a better beak hold.

Be patient, this can be tedious work.
It takes time....

And dedication. Do not be surprised to find yourself
oblivious to all around you.

When all else fails, and your quest to get all fruit off the
nut core seems hopeless, there may be only one thing left to do.
Get aggressive.
Let out your inner anger, and tell that nut what for!

Let no fruit go untouched, no piece uneaten.

Continue this until even the most stubborn shriveled
little shreds are gone.At that point, you should keep the nut with
you until someone walks by, and throw it at them.

(I was unable to catch this final step on camera, but I can say she has
very good aim and distance, and an even better innocent look.
You will have to imagine it.)


Anonymous said...

I haven't stopped by for a visit in too long. This photo essay was adorable. I can't believe how much you love your birds. I hope you are doing well, you've been quiet. Thinking of you. xoxo

Meg said...

The parrots certainly keep me going. Things have been a bit iffy with my health lately, so I am just trying to get it together in some form. Hopefully things will get better soon (safe housing, anyone? Lots of changes there to post about, moving with the birds, etc.) Thank you for thinking of me, I know you understand how it is.