Sunday, February 3, 2013

Ohh, the Winter Wind!

Had a fair amount of snow here this winter, not ever an accumulation over a few inches, but it has snowed fairly often. And gotten quite cold, not into the twenties many days, I think I even had a day or two with a wind chill below zero- which is something for me, so if you are in Minnesota, don't laugh! Having not been here but a year and a half, I can't say whether it is very normal for here. Then again, it probably isn't, since climate change has insured no one gets the weather quite as expected.

The parrots do not seem to mind the winter if you ignore the fact they do not get outside that often. I do not keep my house that warm in the winter, and even the "free as air" (ehem) set in their brief feather attire have not shown any sign of caring. The only ones that do have a problem is the ekkies, and that seems to be related to how dry it is rather than the temperature. It is hard every year when the plucking gets worse, not that I can blame them. My lungs do not care for really dry air either. I hang wet towels and boil water for moisture, but really need to look into a new humidifier, since the plastic-whatever used to make my old one has broken down over the years and I am now not entirely sure of how safe it is now. I wonder if anyone makes a glass/metal one????

The past month has been fairly monotonous, lots of knitting and cleaning and parrot cleaning. Yes, they get separate categories, although I should probably change it to dog cleaning and parrot cleaning, since Alasdair creates most of the rest of the mess. In between, though, I have gotten some nice pictures!

 And the Chickies!! 

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