Sunday, March 11, 2012

Annual Spring Post

It is a beautiful day outside. Inside, I am suffering from something very much like the flu. Oh well. At the risk of revealing my cat-like tendencies, if you have to lie around, a sunny spot certainly is nice. Just ask Gwen. Not Kipper the cat though. Oddly enough, she rarely goes for the sunny spots.

I really love winter, not that we had one here this year. Despite my allergies, I also enjoy the coming of Spring- I think I just appreciate the world, period! I am terribly excited, though, because the nearby farm (beyond organic, they use absolutely nothing, no sprays, etc) I visit to get much of my food said that next week a whole bounty will begin coming in- a huge variety of greens and lettuces first, then radishes, broccoli, and the whole list. A nice change from the winter greens, squash, cabbage, and potatoes!

I cannot get the birds outside today, but they have gone out all winter (any nice day in the 50s and they are running for their carriers) and as soon as I feel better, I will get them out again. It is quite a marathon, though, I must admit, getting so many outside each day.

Instead of a real post, here are some pictures of early spring here. Forsythia, leaf buds (hard to see in the pics unless you click on them, but little yellow pompoms and red filigree), a bird's nest, grass, and the green fuzzies in the driveway.

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iskra said...

It's finally starting to get warmer here, also. I'm so sorry about your allergies