Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Happy Holidays!

My tree! I use a dead tree branch due to my sensitivity to fir/pine trees,
but I think it is sooo pretty!

There are a million and one things that can be dangerous to your parrots during the Holidays, and another million that can be upsetting to them. Plus, if your parrots are anything like mine, they are already planning a million ways to cause trouble over the Holidays. In the first category are fragrances, perfume, and candles, to cooking incidents with non-stick cookware, to toxic plants, like poinsettias, to toxic decorations (many vinyl trees still have lead) and a whole host of other things to think about. In the second category, there is the stress of all the changes in the appearance of the house, possible cage moves, parties, people visiting, changes in schedule, and the prospect of being shunned after destroying someones brand new 32 HD flat screen tv by chewing through the cord and knocking the whole item off the table in the ensuing scramble. In the last category, I am sure some of things your parrots may be considering are-- 1. sneaking a large amount unhealthy food and becoming deathly ill at approximately two in the morning on Christmas Eve, 2. telling your Great Aunt Polly exactly what they think of her name and her dietary habits (cracker, anyone?), and 3.  screaming non-stop through your family meal. Oh, and there was that incident with the tv, too. Not to mention knocking several ornaments off the tree.

So now, if you have somehow survived that diatribe of disturbing events and implications without  hyperventilating, passing out, eating far too much of your chosen item (my mom prefers chocolate) becoming hysterical and ranting all over the house, or perhaps having a heart attack, I commend you. Personally, I have always had quiet Christmases, but I know that is not the case for many people.

In the end, remember that this is a time to have fun. It will end soon, so enjoy it, and encourage your parrots to enjoy it in their own way. If you are new to birds, start some new traditions involving them, such as watching holiday specials together, learning Jingle Bells, or taking them with you in their carrier to see the Christmas lights, provided you do not open your windows and let in all the gas fumes and cold air. I see nothing wrong with letting your parrots have treats on the holidays that they would never have the rest of the year, although  I firmly believe some things like cookies and anything fried should never be offered. Obviously keep anything toxic well away from them, because those items are not only dangerous but also are often quiet coveted.

I have my dog biscuit dough chilling in the fridge, and have been saving a bag of Avian Organics bird bannock for their Christmas morning feast. Miss Kipp-kipp will be getting some new catnip toys I will make. I am hoping to get some things hung in the ceiling for them this weekend, as well, so they can finally have hanging gym fun here. So, in the end, (despite the loss of your new tv,) I hope everyone has as wonderful a Holiday as I hope too, whichever holiday(s) they celebrate!

P.S. I could not think of a really good topic for the Holiday post, and so queried my family for ideas. As you can see, I got nothing. Unless you count the exasperated suggestion that I tell everyone to go find/buy/adopt some ekkies, both male and female, and hang them around the house as they match the traditional holiday decor so perfectly. Mmmmm, not quite what I was looking for.

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