Monday, October 10, 2011

Life with a mechanically inclined quaker

I have to leave the quaker cage doors hooked with locks. From the inside, Frank cannot undo these locks, but apparently he can from the outside. When I went to lock them up with their dinner, I discovered the lock to their front door was missing. After searching, I found it, locked, on Ava and Linus's cage. To be more specific, it was locking their door shut. Mmmm, ok. They were not in it at the time, guess he wanted to keep it that way!

The oldest pic of Frank I can currently find on my computer! 
I remember it as one of the first, not sure if it was the actual first, though.


phonelady said...

Gotta love the quakers as you know I have a gang of three here and they are also a mess .

Discount Parrot Supplies said...

Brilliant! Those Quakers sure are clever little engineers!

What kind of locks do you use on the cages? Do you have a contingency plan in case someone else needs to open the cages in a hurry (like in an emergency)?

Meg said...

Sorry, should have specified! They are more basic locks, heavy duty, but basic, ones anyone can open quickly, no keys or combinations. I would never use any actual lock because of the danger in an emergency. From the inside of the cage, Frank cannot open these, but I will probably just take them off if he is playing around the outside of his cage so he cannot hurt himself.