Thursday, August 18, 2011

The birds?

Quite well, thank you. It has been a long summer working with Claudia's health issues, but she finally seems to be mending after her illness. Ava is as sweet as ever and not showing her age a bit, Linus is still adorable but insecure, and Chester loves rocking out the eardrums of the world. Frank is still occasionally indistinguishable for all his fluffed feathers, Lola is still sweet and down-to-earth but becoming quite the little old lady, and Yo-yo is busy in his own version of the oval office. That just leaves Miss Patty, who after several months being egg-less, recently (as in last night) laid yet another. Why? A singular, and yet  for her totally predictable, reason- I re-did not just their cage but their whole set-up. Nothing like a huge change to get her ready to lay eggs, ignoring the fact that a big change is suppossed to dampen egg thoughts in parrots. She really makes me wonder sometimes.

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