Thursday, December 2, 2010

Biscotti, anyone?

Ultimate health-nut biscotti! At least that is what Avian Organics veggie wedges look like to me. Personally, I have never cared for biscotti, but that pronouncement is perhaps a bit unjust, as it is made due entirely to an unfortunate allergic reaction when I was little. The parrots, however, having no such reservations, love this biscotti! It is the only type they have ever had, so the jury is still out on whether it is a general ruling about Italian cookies, or just this specific sub specie.

The ekkies, quakers, and Yo-yo (and therefore Miss Patty, as she will eat anything Yo-yo will) love the veggies wedges. This is no great surprise, as they are willing to try just about anything, and anything as crisp and toast like as this is bound to be loved. Ava and Linus are never a sure bet, though. In fact, though Ava will eat a fair variety of things, Linus will not eat anything but mash, very, very basic seed mixes, and fresh greens. Nothing else, not crackers, not bread, nothing but those three items. As I said, Ava is better, but she can still be quite picky. With this knowledge, I still give them multiple opportunities to try everything. So, when I opened the veggies wedge package, I took out one wedge and carefully broke it into 6 pieces- two large ones for the ekkies, and four smaller ones, two for the quakers, and one for each Aussie pair, Ava/Linus and Yo-yo/Miss Patty. After distributing my wares, I stood back and happily watched them eat, looking first at those I knew would be eating it, ignoring Ava and Linus at first as I did not think they would eat it, and certainly not right away (although I did present it with flourish and try to convince them it was Aladdin's treasure.) When I did turn to see how Ava and Linus were reacting to their treat, just a mere minute or two after leaving their cage, I was absolutely astounded, as in drop to the floor astounded, that Linus was not only eating it, but had already pulled it out of the dish so he could dig into it with relish from the floor of the cage. As I watched, Ava gracefully (had to throw that in, she is always so elegant) jumped down from her perch and joined him.

Since then, veggie wedges have moved to the top of the class as far as treat value, replacing all others. Just the sight of the bag gets Linus visibly excited, and this is saying something for a parrot as shy as he! Ava's reaction isn't far behind, along with the rest of the parrots!

Avian Organics Parrot Food

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