Sunday, October 24, 2010

Jeffrey found a home!

I am more than thrilled to be able to report that Jeffrey finally found a home, and through this blog! I had been trying very hard to find a home for Jeffrey after his foster Mom contacted me last year, but it was an extremely hard and fruitless search for many reasons, such as the overpopulation of tiels, the fact that Jeffrey was not tame (however cute) and, of course, the distance between me and where he was in Kentucky.

The woman that had taken Jeffrey in to foster (the foster bit being imposed by her husband) had made great strides with Jeffrey in the year she had had him. However, she finally had to take him into the pet store this summer so they could find him a home, as her husband finally said that her "foster" had stayed far too long. And so there at the pet store Jeffrey stayed for two months, and was fed only seed, put in a tiny cage rather than the one he had been brought in, and without most of his toys and perches (which was not how the store said they would treat him, of course, they had seemed far nicer.) Just this past week, however, a woman contacted me through my blog about him, even though she was unsure it would reach me as my blog had not been active for so long! It did, however, reach me, and I was able to put her in touch with Jeffrey's previous foster mom. They went together to the store and not only got Jeffrey, but many many things to spoil him with!

Jeffrey, now named Tommy or Tom Tom, is happy at his new home, with a new Mom that loves him and is willing to let him be himself and spoil him rotten in the meantime. He is quickly settling in and coming out of his shell, even starting to play again! He will also be able to play with his new friend Buddy the tiel when he comes out of quarantine.

Who could ask for a better ending than that?

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