Sunday, February 28, 2010

Odds and Ends

Pika and Pixel, along with Jezebel the tiel, were finally able to make their way home. They are now settling in, and seem very happy. I know they will be taken great care of there! I am still helping a woman in Kentucky with a tiel she took in when no one wanted him, Jeffrey. He would really like a permanent home, hint hint! He was very frightened when she got him, but he is really coming around, and becoming quite the quirky, always adorable little tiel!

I would also like to bring up Happy Endings again, in case anyone new reading this has one to share. If you have had a positive experience with your rehomed or rescued parrot, and have had them for more than 6 months, I would love to hear your story! It doesn't have to be long, or even a story! Photo essays, poems, however you want to tell it. Just leave a comment or email me through my profile.

Recently the program Trees for a Change was brought to my attention. As we all know deforestation for whatever reason is a real problem, but it costs quite a bit of money to re-plant an area! Trees for a Change allows you to "purchase" trees to be planted in one of our National Forests as a gift or memorial for many different occasions. One of the tree memorials they offer is a pet memorial. Planting a tree in honor of an animal is so very fitting, especially for birds. You get a card or certificate on recycled paper, and can add your pet's photo to their website. Plus, you actually get to see where your tree was planted, which I think is wonderful; it really makes it seem so much more personal. I am definitely going to look into doing this for Cone, my first tiel that died of a complete prolapse after attempting to lay an egg.

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Susie Collins said...

Meg, how are you? I haven't heard from you in too long. I sent you an email through our canary community. Let me know how you're doing. xoxo