Saturday, January 9, 2010

It's Adopt-A-Rescue-Bird Month!

I still have Jezebel, a very sweet and friendly all white tiel up for adoption. I also need a foster home for a budgie cockatiel pair, if anyone can help.

For those of you looking to adopt or to help parrots get adopted by others, here are several resources to check out:

Kibibi's website allows users to rate rescue organizations and leave comments on them-

And for those in Canada-

Of course, there is always Petfinder Not only is that a great place to search for adoptable animals, but you can also search for local shelters/rescue groups here.


Mary said...

Hello, Just wanted to say thanks for the quick note and I hope everything is going well with you!

I've also not kept up with reading blogs as much as I would like -- too many other things get in the way!

I'm not entirely sure what "hard winter" means, but I'm sending you positive thoughts that things improve.

Meg said...

Thanks Mary. Just a lot of health issues this fall/winter. Thank goodness for my birds!