Friday, October 23, 2009

Important for Parrots, People, and the World

I think everyone in America, and the world, should watch the following Now program:

After seeing that, how could anyone not see the importance of cutting emissions? This is a very important issue, and it affects every one of us. Why must we only see importance in damage done to Americans? Aren't we all humans, with the same feelings and pains? Doesn't every decent human being deserve the same respect, the same importance?

Please write your representatives in Congress to let them know you support strong climate action. America is a huge factor in global climate change, and though we are not the only one, we need to do our full part in reducing emissions. In order to prevent further climate change, every person in the world needs to have a maximum average yearly output of 2 tonnes by 2050. The average in growing nations, such as China, is around 6 now. Most European countries average around 10-12 tonnes per head, while the U.S. measures in at a whopping 24 tonnes per head! Global levels are soon to reach around 50 gigatonnes, which need to be cut to around 20 gigatonnes by 2050. Daunting figures, but certainly attainable. Or should I say, attainable if we take responsibility and act now?

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