Friday, October 31, 2008

Miss Peppermint Patty

Miss Peppermint Patty, also known simply as Miss Patty, came to me as a foster bird in a group of three cockatiels. Being a fan of Peanuts, I decided to name them all for characters in that cartoon. Woodstock was all yellow (not sure whether he was a true lutino or not) except for his orange cheek patches. He was very bumbly, partially due to his very sweet personality, and partially due to his poor feet, that bent and twisted in funny ways, almost as if he could not fully control them. Linus was an almost normal grey, save for a patch of pale yellow on his nape, that was shaped, oddly enough, like a teddy bear. He was very shy, and always trying to be brave, so we named him Linus, hoping that if he found a "blanket", he would be happier, too. Peppermint Patty was a cinnamon Pearl, who also had, and still has, very poor feet, similar to Woodstock's. They also had been in with a lovebird, that was separated from them before I got them, as she was attacking them.

They had been owned by a vet tech, before she left them at that vet's office to get rid of them. She said she had received them all separately from different people, and caged them together in one cage. She left them at the vet's office in a cat carrier, so I do not know what that cage was like. They were wary of people, though Linus was the worst, with his terrible fear of people and hands.

Woodstock was the tamest, and really seemed to love human company. However, he was also the sickest. One week after I got him, despite the best efforts to get good food in him, supplements, and anything that might help, he died of malnutrition. Poor little guy, he was so sweet. I don't know what he had been through in previous homes, but by his condition, I don't think it was very good. Sometimes, working with rescues can be very hard.

After Woodstock died, I continued taming Linus and Miss Patty in the same manner I had tamed the budgies, save for the fact I had to cover my hand with a sock, so Linus would not be as afraid of it. I noticed that Linus and Miss Patty were not really thrilled with each other's company, and were happier when apart. I decided that after quarantine, I would separate them.

When quarantine was over, I allowed Yo-yo to finally meet them. He had been listening to their calls for so long from upstairs, he was really getting desperate. As soon as he was through the doorway, he flew over to their cage, where they were sitting on top, and began whistling and talking to them. First a few chords of Yankee Doodle, then "Whatcha doing", then a few chords of the 1812 Overture, then "Peek-a-boo", and so on. He was soo excited! Linus immediately flew to the top of the curtain rod, and refused to come down, looking nervously at Yo-yo. Miss Patty played coy for a few minutes, but soon let Yo-yo preen her.

As Linus was now away from Miss Patty, I took him into the bird room and put him in his own cage. He soon came out of his shell, and became a very lovable little tiel. He was extremely vocal, and could imitate anything, words, other birds, and sounds, and did so all day long. He also came to love playing. After I had had him a few months, and he was getting pretty tame, even calling for me when I was out of the room, I found him a wonderful new home where he could get all the attention he wanted.

As Miss Patty and Yo-yo had become inseparable, I obviously had to keep her, not that I minded. She is such a sweet girl, and quickly became close friends with Ava. Yo-yo went through a period of not being very tame, and very protective of his new girlfriend, but he soon got over that, and was back to his usual sweet self. Miss Patty, despite my efforts to make friends, does not want to have too much to do with people. She loves spray baths and showers, and will happily eat treats out of your hand and talk to you, but that is about all she is interested in. I am fine with that, as long as they are all happy.

Poor little Woodstock, rest in peace

The three of them together, Woodstock, Peppermint Patty, and Linus.

Peppermint Patty, enjoying the window view.

Yo-yo preening Miss Patty

Yo-yo and Miss Patty in the morning.
Yo-yo is actually eyeing the food dish I have

And a cute pic of synchronized preening.

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